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In the heart of the Cité Radieuse, Maison Mirbel, created by Virginie Mirbel – Ginie in real life – offers a unique work of interior design, freely inspired by the icons of architectural and artistic creation of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

In 2022, Architecture de Collection and Maison Mirbel are planning a partnership to promote modern and contemporary architectural heritage.

Maison Mirbel – La Cité Radieuse – Photo: Magali Joannon

Since 2016, his work has been based on the philosophy of ” well at home ” and develops three axes stemming from several years of studying trends, social issues and the evolution of materials :

Photo : Magali Joannon

  • Sensitize the eye, through a selection of objects (small series, one-off pieces) ranging from accessories to 20th-century furniture hunted down and restored, collaborations with artists, “slow design” creations by artisans in France or Europe
  • Highlight these objects through scenographic displays in its showroom, to inspire its customers and connect artisans with the general public, particularly during vernissages.
  • Design spaces, interior and exterior, residential, public or private, that encourage customers to actively participate in a process of maturation of their own aesthetics.

Airborne fireside chair
Photo: Maison Mirbel

Voilage MBAE Studio pour Maison Mirbel
Photo : Magali Joannon

Drawing on its past experience and intuitive thinking that are perfectly in tune with the times, Maison Mirbel continues to pursue its objectives of facilitating access to beauty, not dictated by fashion, but by constant education in quality and craftsmanship.

Interior design of a 1920 family home, office, Marseille, Montolivet district, 2020.

Maison Mirbel design desk, Moustache chairs, Maison Mirbel cupboards, MAAB.architectes
Photo: Maison Mirbel

Tenture Pierre Frey
Photo : Maison Mirbel

Anchored in a time of environmental crisis, and following the example of designer Charlotte Perriand, Ginie Bel takes our lifestyles as a starting point, and shows us a way of envisioning interior design based on what already exists, or on materials that are noble by nature.

This is the hallmark of this publishing house, which picks through vintage and contemporary pieces to offer a free view of decoration, justifying a choice committed to defining an aesthetic outside the diktats of fashion, sometimes far removed from a fragile historical and ecological context.

Kitchen, custom wallpaper, Severin Millet
Photo: Maison Mirbel

House entrance
Photo: Maison Mirbel

Maison Mirbel teaches its customers how to recycle vintage pieces by staging them according to contemporary codes, update costume jewelry by emphasizing its modernity, rely on local craftsmen, play with colors to change an interior and privilege the design piece that will suffice to reveal the rest of the house. These are the solutions that Maison Mirbel teaches its customers and tests with them, to maintain everyone’s curiosity and creativity in a joyful and good-humored way.

Luynes project, contemporary family home
Dining room, January 2021

Ginie measuring the terrace, April 2022

Proposal approved for dining room, restored Saarinen chair, Porro table


Unité d’Habitation – 280 bd. Michelet
Appt. 403 / 4e étage
13008 Marseille

+33 (0) 662 073 774
📷 @maisonmirbel