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The Archinovo Prize

The first architecture prize dedicated to contemporary houses in France. Every two years, it showcases the latest developments in French homes.

Award for a new architect-designed house in France

Created in 2011 by Delphine Aboulker for the Architecture de Collection agency, Archinovo rewards architects’ homes and the agencies that designed them. Its aim is to showcase the inventiveness of the young French architectural scene in the field of housing, by creating a regular meeting place for architectural innovation in the service of quality, comfort and well-being.

Each edition of the prize is an opportunity to extend the network of partners who are committed to supporting and accompanying contemporary architectural creation.

Discover the winners of the 5th Archinovo Prize

“Through this prize, our ambition is to reconcile two worlds that are too far apart: on the one hand, the aspiration of the French for the individual house and, on the other, the current architectural scene. We need to anchor architecture in the local context and introduce people to other ways of building and living.

Delphine Aboulker

Creator of the Archinovo Prize
and founder of Agence Architecture de Collection


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