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Our story

Architecture de Collection is the first French estate agency specialising exclusively in the sale of remarkable 20th and 21st century architecture.

Remarkable architecture

Since 2007, our team of art historians and property professionals has been offering unique expertise in the property sector: historical, technical and artistic understanding of architectural works are at the heart of our approach.

When we sell a house or flat, we present a “signed work”, a “piece of architecture”.

Like an art gallery or auction house offering a masterpiece to the market, Architecture de Collection offers and promotes modern and contemporary works of art to discerning buyers, in a way that is very different from the real estate that makes up the majority of the market.




By selling properties designed by the greatest architects, past and present, we aim to help preserve modern and contemporary domestic architecture, a heritage that is all too often overlooked.

In doing so, we are building a national and international community of “architecture collectors”, for whom housing is synonymous with heritage awareness and preservation.

Our milestones

Nos biens d'exception

While remarkable modern and contemporary architecture deserves the status of a work of art, we believe that the best way to preserve a house is to live in it!