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Life in bubbles

By 31 July 2020April 23rd, 2024No Comments

At a time when we need to reinvent our lifestyles and rethink the way we live in the world, the bubble offers a unique model of organic living, embodying the enduring dream of a joyful and luminous symbiosis between man and nature.

An iconic object, at once architectural, artisanal and artistic, the bubble house was born of the futuristic imagination of the Pop Years. Today, our agency brings you two exceptional examples of this contemporary heritage.

A bubble house designed by Antti Lovag near Lyon

A masterpiece of “Organic Architecture”, this residence was built in Fontaines-sur-Saône by Antti Lovag, one of France’s leading architects and theorists of bubble houses.

It comprises an entrance hall, a lounge – a reception area – with hammock-mezzanine and fireplace, a fitted kitchen opening onto a dining room in a movable shell opening onto a 60 m² terrace, a study, two bedrooms, two shower rooms, a sports room and a 40 m² interior garden.

A veritable ‘habitological’ manifesto with unique sculptural forms, the house incorporates a landscaped garden and furniture designed in continuity with and on the scale of the curved lines of the overall structure.

More than an architect, Antti Lovag defines himself as a ‘habitologist’ who seeks to model domestic spaces on the needs of the human body and natural forms. The interior spaces of his villas are added to each other by the aggregation of spherical bubbles, built using a concrete veil projected onto a framework.

A bubble house by Joël Unal and Claude Häusermann-Costy in Ardèche

This summer residence was built in the Ardèche by painter and sculptor Joël Unal, in collaboration with Claude Häusermann-Costy. The house is set in a sumptuous, unspoilt landscape of rugged rock and garrigue. By day and by night, the interior and exterior spaces offer a play of perspective, lightness and poetry.

THE PRESS SPEAKS: “Bubble houses come out of their shell”.

A leader in the experimental architecture market, our agency is featured in Le Monde Magazine on 6 July 2020:
These buildings were driven by a dream of mobility, lightness and modularity. We could agglomerate and multiply the bubbles, like so many cells of the same whole. These were always projects imagined and built around people.”

SUMMER READING: “Maisons-bulles – Organic architecture from the 1960s and 1970s” (in French)

Discover the reference work by Raphaëlle Saint-Pierre, historian and journalist specialising in domestic architecture (Villas 50 en France and Villas 60-70 en France, ed. Norma, 2005 and 2013).