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Cité radieuse – MAMO

By 27 May 2020April 12th, 2024No Comments

MaMo, the initials of Marseille Modulor, is a contemporary art center created by designer Ora-ïto on the roof of Marseille’s famous Cité Radieuse, built by Le Corbusier from 1945 to 1952. The center is a permanent tribute to the rich dialogue between art and architecture.

Opened in 2013, MaMo crowns the Cité Radieuse with a center for artistic expression. The roof terrace of the housing unit has been completely renovated to accommodate an exhibition room in the former gymnasium. Visual artists, sculptors and performers are regularly housed here, thanks to the patronage of Audi Talent Award.

Real name Ito Morabito, designer Ora-ïto was born in Marseille in 1977. Since the 1990s, he has been designing objects and accessories for luxury brands and major industrial groups. Throughout his career, he has responded to a wide range of commissions, from interior design to home furnishings. In 2013, he created the Ora-ïto mobility brand, for which he designs headphones.

Photos : © Olivier Amsellem

Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse
280, Boulevard Michelet 13008 Marseille