A holiday home

Arba architect
Proche Neufchâtel-en-Bray (76)




180 m²
4 Beds
1 bathroom


A holiday home in Normandy.

This house was designed by arba architectes. Set in the middle of a garden planted with fruit trees, it offers peace and quiet close to the beaches of the Normandy coast.

The house covers an area of 180 m² and takes the form of an upturned wooden hull that defines a unique, oversized space into which a sculpted object dedicated to the sleeping area is inserted. The ground floor features an open-plan living area with a cathedral lounge, built-in storage, a library, a dining room, an open-plan kitchen and a central bathroom hidden behind a double wooden panel. The upper floors house three enclosed beds and a parental area hidden at the top of the structure.

Close to the small town of Neufchâtel-en-Bray, it is around 50 minutes from Dieppe by car and 2 hours from Paris, or 3 hours by train (Aumale or Neufchâtel-en-Bray station).

A luminous wood design

The exterior cladding consists of wood-tiled cladding in the Norman tradition. The entrance door, integrated into the wall of the rear façade and almost invisible, reinforces the overall impression of an object house. Inside, the large curved glass roof and pine veneer create a warm, bright atmosphere whatever the weather. In the middle of the living room, a swing with ropes screwed directly to the structure adds to the holiday spirit in which the house was designed. Heating is provided by a stone wood-burning oven.

A rare home that invites you to relax.

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