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Franck Martinez

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Maison Mertens, near Cahors, 2010

Based in Cahors, in the Lot department, Franck Martinez’s studio works on a wide range of projects, from detached houses to landscaping. His inspiration favours minimalism and the purity of materials such as raw concrete for projects designed in harmony with the surrounding site.

Since 2007, Franck Martinez has based his business between Cahors and Toulouse, in the heart of the changing, luminous landscapes of the Occitanie region. He concentrates on designing remarkable contemporary villas. Most of these are based on the Mediterranean-inspired patio house typology, in an architecture featuring materials with pure, simple surfaces: stone and concrete.

Alternating bay windows, flat roofs and a horizontal overall composition are all distinctive features of the work of Franck Martinez, whose Maison H, near Cahors, was shortlisted for the Archinovo prize in 2017. The architect had already entered the competition in 2011 with the Malique and Mortens houses, and again in 2013 with the Albiéro and Bonnave houses.

Maison H, near Cahors (Lot)

Photos : © Patrick Miara

Franck Martinez, Atelier FM
56 Bis Boulevard Léon Gambetta, 46000 Cahors
T: 05 65 31 53 56