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Claude Parent Award: for a transgressive architecture!

By 17 May 2024No Comments

Launched in January 2024 by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier and the Claude Parent Archives, the prize aims to reward an architect or team for transgressive, critical or pioneering architecture. Out of over a hundred entries from 38 different countries, 9 were submitted to a jury made up of architects, artists and academics.

Architecture de collection, partner and sponsor of this first competition, is delighted to announce the shortlisted entries and the winners.

A look at the Jankovic de Thy workshop, winner of this first edition of the competition

© Atelier Jankovic de Thy

The prize was awarded to Atelier Jankovic de Thy, founded by Alexa de Thy and Aleksandar Jankovic. The co-founders, gymnastics and karate champions respectively, apply their creative duality, passion and patience to exploratory, innovative and sensory projects.

Their conception of architecture is based on an in-depth understanding of the space (its history, its trends, its needs, its rhythm) to provide a specific response to each situation without any aesthetic preconceptions. The architects aim to translate the movement and tonality of the space in a quest for its sensitive expression. The result is a vibrant architecture, weaving links between the memory of the place and its current energy;

The jury’s decision was motivated by two projects in particular: the Ponte Parodi, a hybrid site comprising a shopping centre, museum, hotel and restaurants on the port of Genoa, and the Guggenheim Helsinki in Finland, a museum that adopts the principle of the oblique line advocated by Claude Parent.

The finalists: multiple visions of transgressive architecture 

Eight finalists stood out for their conception and practice of inventive, reflective and committed architecture.

© Arkenspaces

Arkenspaces – Eric Cassar (France)

Eric Cassar, who works in the French architecture, urban planning and design office Arkenspaces, advocates adapted and adaptable architecture. He works around the concept of n-spaces, which weaves together physical and virtual spaces. 


© Architectural Studio

Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio (Japon)

The spaces designed by Kenji Ido, founder of Architectural Studio, bring concepts and experiences into dialogue. Questioning the conventional and fixed lexicon of space, the architect invites users to a deeper engagement with their environment. 


© Jean-Maxime Labrecque

Jean-Maxime Labrecque (Canada-Québec)

Jean-Maxime Labrecque, puts a variety of arts at the heart of his architectural practice: photography, furniture, writing and cinema.


© Rescubika

Rescubika – Benoit Patterlini (France)

With his company Rescubika, Benoît Patterkini supports architects in international competitions. His fictional projects explore new ways of living, involving health, ecological, energy, climate and sociological issues. 


© estudio santander & lunaa

estudio santander & lunaa (Etats-Unis & Mexique)

L’estudio santander & lunaa is an agency co-founded by Alejandro Santander and Denise Luna Acevedo, who are looking at ways of inhabiting Latin America in the face of its many changes. Their theoretical approach enables them to develop an organisation of space that encourages decentralised engagement and the construction of xeno-political realities.


© KAAT Architecture

KAAT Architecture (Turquie)

The Turkish firm Kaat architecture, represented by Lebriz Atan and Sacit Arda Karaatli, has secured a place for itself on the architectural scene through the many national and international awards it has won. Inspired by their travels in southern Europe, Latin America and Libya, the architects have enriched their practical experience with diverse cultural influences.


© Marsino Arquitectura

Marsino Arquitectura (Chili-Perou)

Marsino Arquitectura specialises in educational architecture. Inspired by the precepts of Claude Parent, its architects favour oblique spaces in their designs, which encourage interaction and contribute to the quality of education.


© Tai Le Anh

Tai Le Anh (Vietnam)

Tai Le Anh is a Vietnamese architect who works for an architecture that respects the earth, cultural environments and human interactions. As a teacher of architecture in Vietnam, he has initiated numerous workshops and debates to share his professional knowledge.